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Umea University Learning Agreement | Malort Salzburg

Umea University Learning Agreement

As a student at the Umea School of Architecture, you can apply as an exchange student through one of our agreements. We have a number of agreements with partner universities around the world. In addition, there are central agreements and faculty agreements. All agreements at the University of Umea are available in the Exhcange Agreements database. Our goal is to have a strong international position as one of Sweden`s leading universities. Our programs and programs are national leaders and are respected internationally; Quality research shapes our programs and programs at all levels. All of our students receive international perspectives in their training. In all of our programs, there are new international students and the number of students has increased thanks to several attractive exchange agreements. There are a few places through the Erasmus university agreements announced by the International Bureau. Erasmus agreements are usually signed at the departmental level, which means that students apply for exchange studies through their department. It is the department that appoints selected students to the partner university. The coordinator of your home university must name you for an exchange at the University of Umea by filling out an online form.

The link to the form is not published online, but emailed to your coordinator. “I would recommend living in either Mariehem, `lidhem, or Nydalah-jd. If you want to be at the center of the action, Elidhem is the place for you. But if you want to sleep every night of the week before 4 a.m., Nydalah-jd is the most beautiful place to live. There is no grocery store nearby, but the apartments are super beautiful and it is close to the lake, campus, IKSU and `lidhem. Mariehem is where I lived — I loved it because it was on the lake, and the way to school in the morning was nice. The apartments were beautiful and the grocery store was a short walk away. It`s about a 25 minute walk to the university and IKSU. English proficiency tests are not required by students under formal exchange agreements. Courses studied by an exchange student during his exchanges must be taught at the University of Umea after they return within the diploma.

Therefore, the exchange student must ensure that the courses he/she has decided to study during the exchanges have been approved by the international interlocutor at the Umea School of Architecture. This can be done through the conclusion of a learning agreement. A learning agreement is an assessment of the university of origin and is implemented to guide students who wish to take courses at other universities. The assessment is based on the degree that the exchange student is considering. The University of Umea has more than 900 exchange agreements in 60 countries. Our partnerships with Nordic and European higher education institutions are mainly managed under the Erasmus programme and the Nordplus programme. Agreements are anchored at the level of departments or faculties. About 300 national students study abroad each year under an exchange agreement and we welcome about 900 students from around the world each year. After the selection, students will receive an email indicating that the results of the selection will be published on universityadmissions.se. Students can download a notification of their account selection results.

Exchange students are not required to respond to their offer. For exchange students, there is a specific ranking established by the Vice-Chancellor. Students are admitted to courses in the following order: (1) double agreements concluded, (2) own department contracts, (3) faculty agreements, (4) university-wide agreements and (4) other department agreements. Did you know that you can bring your UCalgary financing to the exchange? As you are looking for a student at UCalgary during the exchange, you are entitled to the bonuses and scholarships you can receive from the university, as well as student loans.

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