System Maintenance Agreement

In the event that any of the Parties to this Agreement constitutes an infringement during the term of this Agreement due to uncontrollable circumstances, including floods, hurricanes, theft, terrorism, earthquakes or other cases of force majeure during the term of this Agreement, the Party shall inform the remaining Party of such infringement and shall have a maximum period of thirty days to remedy such infringement, before further action can be taken. Once your new IT system is up and running, it`s important to maintain it regularly to ensure optimal performance. All information deemed confidential during the course of this Agreement shall be retained for the duration of this Agreement and for a period of twelve months from the termination of this Agreement. From the date of the aforementioned contract, the service provider begins to maintain the owner of the software for a period of 12 months, unless a termination is requested by either party. Any software that will be replaced during the term of this agreement includes all warranties and agreements, including the purchase of such software. In the event that one of the parties to this software maintenance contract is in arrears under the conditions set, the investigating party must inform the defaulting party in writing of the error that occurs. If you don`t have in-house experience, look for a supplier that offers maintenance. Costs vary depending on the type of software you use, but the general rule is that the cost is less than 15 percent of the purchase price. PandaTipp: The signature sections of this model for software maintenance agreements allow you and the software owner to sign this agreement from your computer, smartphone or tablet. Hardware failures, theft or damage are significant risks for any business. System maintenance is an essential part of managing these risks.

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