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Cerpen Perfect Agreement | Malort Salzburg

Cerpen Perfect Agreement

Marriage does not always guarantee happiness. Aluna and Bastian decide to divorce because one of them betrayed the sacred promise of marriage, which was mortgaged two years ago. Aluna`s betrayed pain traumatizes her heart, but this fate leads her to meet a handsome businessman known as the “seductive master,” Oliver Benedict. “Imagine the events of last night like a wind then, don`t worry about it anymore!” “What if I take it seriously? What if I wanted to feel more romantic than last night? The incident puts Aluna and Oliver chained in the fate of an unexpected love. The intelligent woman, who is now a widow, has managed to make Playboy a sweet romantic love. Will the Aluna of marriage, still traumatized, be ready to win her heart with Oliver`s efforts of love? Because once you fall in love, someone won`t take it away. Both have a bad past in terms of parenthood and love. This question is answered if you want to read this HEHE story. Married to a wedding ring? Even married without love? Erik Syera takes care of it. The background of these two marriages was because their parents had undermined to get married. But they still want to enjoy youth. Oh yes, Syera Erik may know, because you`re both gym instructors.

The separation of her lover causes a woman named Amira to be elected to have fun in a nightclub. He wanted to be drunk so he could forget what had happened to him. Betraying her and separating her has become the most bitter thing of her life. The rejection of a beautiful model named Adisty for her proposal, because she wanted to continue her career, made Kevin`s heart a very disappointed CEO. Then he decided to have fun and get drunk, and fate brought him to Amira. Kevin`s drunken encounter with Amira renders them unconscious until they find themselves in the same room, in the same bed and under the same blanket.

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