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Car Wash Lease Agreement Sample | Malort Salzburg

Car Wash Lease Agreement Sample

A. Franchise Agreement. “franchise agreement” means the standardized form of the agreement used by the Company to allow franchisees to own and operate a single Pronto Wash Point of Service and all associated exhibits and instruments, as amended from time to time. Amendments may include, inter alia, initial charges, changes to royalties or other charges. A copy of the current form of the franchise agreement is annexed to the “A” agreement. B. Global Agreement. This agreement is the entire agreement between the parties on its subject matter and replaces all other agreements, understandings, negotiations and discussions relating to this subject. A. Grant. To better negotiate the terms of the lease, you should: Does your company offer car wash services for corporate fleets? This car wash service model helps you stand out from your competitors if you are looking for new business customers for your car wash store. C. Point of Service Authorization.

The developer wants the right to develop and operate several Pronto Wash Points of Service with the Pronto Wash system. The Company is prepared to grant this right to the Developer under the terms of this Agreement. Accordingly, the parties agree as follows: D. Procedure after authorization. If the company has approved a proposed service point, the company offers the developer a franchise for the operation of a Pronto Wash Point of Service on that site by providing the developer with a franchise agreement in the form of execution by the developer. Where required by applicable law, the entity shall make available to the developer, together with this Agreement, the applicable circular on the single franchise offer or an equivalent disclosure document. Within at least fourteen (14) days and no more than thirty (30) days after receipt by the Developer, the Developer shall sign the Franchise Agreement and shall return it to the Company upon payment of the applicable initial franchise fee. .

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