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Board Resolution Approving Loan Agreement | Malort Salzburg

Board Resolution Approving Loan Agreement

IN ADDITION, Mr. / Frau (name of the person), (DIN: XXXX), director of the company, is authorized several times with regard to this body and acts on behalf of the company to sign and execute the documents, agreements, deeds, obligations, indemnifications, etc., under the common seal of the company, whenever necessary in the statutes of the company. Pursuant to section 179(3) of the Companies Act, 2013, a decision of the company`s board of directors would be required to borrow funds from the bank by implementing such agreements as required. The following format of the Board of Directors` decision may be used to obtain a loan from the Bank. The sum of its paid-up share capital and free reserves (with the exception of the temporary loan contracted by the company`s banker during ordinary operations), BESCHLIEHT, that the entity benefits from financial assistance / credit facility of an amount that does not exceed (the name, branch and address of the bank) (name, branch and address of the bank) and that this loan is obtained on the conditions set out or included in the letter of sanction or loan agreement (letter or contractual date) submitted to the board of directors for approval. HAVE ALSO DECIDED that the agreement and approval of the Board of Directors will be given to the company and that it will be granted to borrow the above funds under the conditions set out in the sanction letter or loan agreement (letter or date of the contract). In that case, such an undertaking would also have to adopt a special decision for the loan. IN ADDITION, IT DECIDED that the Board of Directors of the company has lent the loans on such terms that the funds thus paid by the Bank will be repaid over a period (loan repayment period) and that interest (interest rate) per year will be borne on the remaining balance. IN ADDITION, IT DECIDED that the board of directors of the company will be authorized to mortgage the property acquired from the loan funds and, if necessary, to deposit the title deeds of the company established in the address of the property, which excludes an area (land area) in order to create an appropriate mortgage in favor of the bank for the amount of the loan thus lent. However, this provision does not apply to a bank company that accepts deposits from the public redeemable on request or otherwise in the course of normal operations. FOR AND ON BEHALF OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF (COMPANY NAME) The amount already borrowed + the amount to be borrowed. . .


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