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Bcma Master Agreement

There are a number of agreements that establish the relationship between the Government of British Columbia and BC physicians. These agreements recognize the parties` desire to cooperate in the health system and recognize their shared commitment and responsibility to address the medical needs of the population and patients. Through the Ministry of Health Services (BC) and the BC Medical Association (BCMA) in 2002, the government and bcma collaborated to create the General Practice Services Committee (GPSC) to support and promote family practices in BC. The GPSC is a joint committee of BC MoHS and BCMA, including the Society of General Practitioners of BC. Representatives of BC`s health authorities are also present as guests. The GPSC engages in many activities to support family physicians. Operational funding and mandate are based on a formal working agreement between the BC government and bcma. The mandate of the GPSC is to find solutions to support and maintain full-service family practice in BC. Unlike other jurisdictions that have opted for structural changes in the way primary care services are delivered (e.g. B the establishment of local clinics with employed physicians), the BC approach was to address an operational problem (i.e.

the decrease in family practices) with an operational response by improving the existing system instead of modifying the system by adopting new structural changes. The Physician Master Agreement regulates economic relations and agreements between the Government of British Columbia and BC physicians. The agreement is in force until 31 March 2022. The ink is barely dry on the new Physicist Master Agreement, which contains five ancillary agreements: the Polybag, with this month`s edition of the BC Medical Journal, contains a Membership Guide to the New BCMA Agreements that identifies the provisions of the agreements that most concern individual doctors and contains a brief description of them. I hope you have the opportunity to check. It is divided into key sections designed for clarity and ease of use. The initial duration of the Master Agreement and ancillary contracts is from 1 April 2006 to 31 March 2012. .

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