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Author Agreement Form Archives Of Medical Research | Malort Salzburg

Author Agreement Form Archives Of Medical Research

It should briefly describe the problem raised in the study, how the study was conducted, the salient results and what the authors conclude. The participant/copyright transfer form (available below) must be filed in the original with the signatures of all contributors within two weeks of filing by mail, fax or email as a scanned image. Print-ready hard copies (one sentence) or digital images should be sent to the journal office at the time of submission of the revised manuscript. High-resolution images (up to 5 MB each) can be sent by email. The copyright transfer form can be filed online in the authors` field www.journalonweb.com/amhs articles are original search reports. These include randomised controlled studies, intervention studies, screening and diagnostic studies, outcome studies, cost-effectiveness analyses, case-control series and high-response rate surveys. The text of original articles up to 4000 words in size (excluding abstract, references and tables) should be divided into sections entitled Abstract, Key-Words, Introduction, Material and Methods, Results, Discussion, References, Tables and Figure Legends. Abstract structured with a maximum of 250 words. Limit of 40 references.

Limit of 5 figures and tables in total. The captions of the figure should explain what is depicted in the image. All animal testing must have been conducted in accordance with the IEA Animal Testing Guidelines and authors must clearly indicate in the manuscript that these guidelines have been followed. For more information, please contact the www.elsevier.com/__data/promis_misc/622936arrive_guidelines.pdf. The ethics committee of the institutions of the authors involved must approve all protocols relating to animal testing. Please note the proportion of male/female animals in your study. This section should focus on the results obtained to determine whether the results are consistent with the objectives of the study, whether the results are consistent with the published literature, and to compare the results with similar studies. Highlight the new and important aspects of the study and the conclusions that flow from it. .

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