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Advertising Space Agreement Template | Malort Salzburg

Advertising Space Agreement Template

The Agency is the advertising agency [exclusive or non-exclusive] in the United States for advertisers with respect to the products described in Section 2 above. Advertising spaces are made available to a provider of advertising space, a representative of the communication media, an advertiser for the advertising and marketing of its products or services. A legally binding agreement, with specific conditions, will be established in order to make trade legal and further avoid litigation, malevolence or refusals in the future for healthy professional work. These agreements are non-refundable and non-transferable. If you need any changes or questions, please contact us before downloading. By clicking on the button below, I agree with the general conditions of sale. 2.3 An indication of the intended purpose of the advertisement (whether to promote a given product or service, or to increase awareness of the brand or product, or both). 7.9 The advertiser guarantees that it does not use vulgar, offensive or reprehensible advertising means. A website advertising agreement determines how and when advertising space can be purchased on a website and how much is the price for the placement of the advertisement. A template of the agreement can be downloaded below. PandaTip: This is the most important clause in the agreement and it is most likely to be controversial, so it is important to formulate it very clearly. It is often preferable, especially when several products and services are promoted at different prices, to use a PandaDoc price table or a table from an Excel table and include it here or add it (if it is very extensive) as an appendix to this advertising agreement.

5.1 Within the framework of this advertising agreement and in addition to the costs described in clause 4, the company undertakes to pay [BUDGET] to the advertiser to cover the direct costs of the advertising campaign. 7.5 The advertiser undertakes to cease or cease all advertising on the explicit written instruction of the company. The advertiser instructs the Agency to provide certain services related to the design, preparation and placement of advertisements for certain products of the advertiser as follows, and the Agency undertakes to provide certain services to the advertiser: PandaTip: the terminology used may be confusing, given that online companies increasingly tend to provide the product being advertised as an “advertiser” and the person: who promotes (or promotes) such goods or services as an “organizer”. In this advertising agreement, we always use the term “company” to refer to the person who sells the product or service and “advertiser” to refer to the person who puts the product up for sale, but you should be aware of this difference in terminology when dealing with online marketing and advertising agencies (and in particular affiliate marketing organizations). B. After termination, the Advertiser agrees that any advertising, merchandising, packages, plans or ideas developed by the Agency and submitted to the Advertiser (whether presented separately or in association or as a party) that the Advertiser has not used remains the property of the Agency, unless the Advertiser has paid the Agency for its services in preparing this article. The Advertiser undertakes to return to the Agency copies, works of art, discs or other physical forms of performance of such creative works concerning such an idea or plan, held by the Advertiser at the end or expiry of this Agreement. 7.4 If the advertiser holds an advertising budget or otherwise controls it, it undertakes to make full use of that budget for advertising and not for other purposes, and to return the unused budget upon termination of this advertising contract. 1.4 “PPC”, “CPC”, means pay-per-click advertising. One.

The Agency releases the Advertiser from any claim, loss, action, liability or judgment of the adverb, including reasonable attorneys` fees and expenses, based on or related to any article established by the Agency or at the direction of the Agency, including, but not limited to, claims for defamation, defamation, piracy, plagiarism, violation of privacy or infringement of copyright or other intellectual interests in property, unless such a claim results from material provided by the advertiser and incorporated into materials or advertisements established by the Agency….

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